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Since 1973, DESMAR guarantees the success of the import and export activities of companies that value services with efficiency and professionalism.

In the sea, in the land, in the air, the option that makes the difference.


Present in the main ports and airports of the country, through a detailed and objective planning, DESMAR follows with strict and absolute ownership all the procedures, from the tariff classification to the tracking and clearance of cargoes. In these long years of tradition and quality, DESMAR stands out for a number of factors, including:

  • Competence of deeply familiar and updated professionals in all foreign trade procedures
  • Intransigence in the ethical conduct of your business
  • Flexibility to face any problems, providing effective solutions that aim solely the customer satisfaction

The know-how acquired in the Foreign Trade also makes the difference. DESMAR knows how to prevent setbacks and solve problems. Our expertise: ensure the tranquility of our customers.

Innovation that generates agility

In the globalized market, the agility is increasingly a determining factor for the process of organizations.
Alert to this, DESMAR constantly invests in the improvement of administrative and operational management, modernization of tools for internal and external communication and training of employees. 

In short, DESMAR’s activities are always conducted by the strictest principles of quality and excellent customer relationship.

Occupation areas

DESMAR has national service, with its headquarter located in the city of Santos / SP and representatives in the states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, Paraná, Pernambuco, Amazonas and Mato Grosso do Sul, assuring attendance at the main ports, airports and border regions.

In order to offer its customers a single point of contact, all the controls and processing of the customs and logistics operations are centralized in our headquarter, maintaining a direct and fast line of communication with its clients and control agencies.


The DESMAR’s Business Ethics Code presents the principles that guide the actions and relations with its stakeholders – customers, suppliers, partners, government organizations and the environment – in relation to ethical and moral aspects.

1st Principle
2nd Principle
3rd Principle
4th Principle
5th Principle

Business Relationship

  • Transparency in the information provided to stakeholders
  • Commitment to the truth
  • Secrecy on information of private nature, obtained and maintained in the exercise of their activities
  • Respect the needs of stakeholders in their daily operations, decisions and policies

DESMAR, in the search for a relationship of trust and loyalty compromises itself to:

  • Answer its customers with efficiency, respect and courtesy
  • Provide cadastral information of its customers to third parties only with proper authorization, or by judicial or legal obligation
  • To use the appropriate media to communicate, bringing more transparency and security to the
    service offered
  • Do not give preferential treatment to any client motivated by personal feeling or interest itself

Suppliers and Partners
In the regulation of its relations with suppliers and/or partners DESMAR bases itself on commercial aspects of:

  • Quality, capacity, time e price
  • Adequacy of performance of its suppliers and/or partners to its values and principles


In the relationship with authorities and agents of the public power, DESMAR maintains the stance of no direct or indirect encouragement of their representatives.


DESMAR recognizes the Environment as an important factor in its relationship with all parts that, somehow, are influenced by their actions, being in prevention policy, monitoring and correction of environmental impacts.


Interested in our services?
Quality and Confidence

Customs Clearance

Complete infrastructure, qualification and professionalism are the attributes that elevates the services provided by DESMAR to the level of the largest companies in the segment. For our customers, it means:

• Appropriate tax classification
• High expertise in the exploitation of tax incentives
• Adequate administrative treatment for each merchandise traded
• Agility in the customs clearance of your imports and exports
• Increasing cost/benefit ratio

DESMAR, with more than 45 years of experience in Foreign Trade, has acquired knowledge in various segments of Export and Import. In summary, our company guarantees a fast, complete and appropriate customs treatment for the clearance of your cargo with the IRS and other control agencies.
  • Require permission for companies to operate in Foreign Trade
  • Preparation of cost studies and spreadsheets for exported or imported merchandise
  • Guidance in the preparation of Foreign Trade documents
  • Issuance of the Import License (DECEX, MAPA, ANVISA, INMETRO, etc.)
  • Registration of Import (DI) and Export Declarations (DU-E)
  • Assistance in special regimes like Drawback, Temporary Admission, Customs Warehouse, Temporary Export, among others.


International Freight

• Verification of the appropriate shipment to the product (by air, sea or road)
• Negotiation and hiring of the most appropriate international freight
• Shipment coordination
• Consolidated – LCL
• Full Container – FCL
• Air freight
• National and international road freight
• Door-to-door services
• Intermodal transport
• International cargo insurance

Projects and Special Cargoes

• Planning, management and execution of import and / or export logistic projects
• Exclusive and suitable study for the transport and handling of special cargoes
• Coordination of break bulk shipments, from the pick up, storage, packaging, loading and unloading until delivery at the designated place
• Transfer of industrial units from other countries

Logistics Management

• Partnerships with the main port terminals and bonded warehouses
• Storage and distribution solutions in Brazil and abroad
• Analysis of the difficulties faced by the client and creation of customized logistics systems
• Internal management of all parties involved in logistics operations (shipowners, NVOCC, terminals, warehouses, transport companies, etc.)
• Tracking the cargo movement from its origin to the final destination


Benefit that generates economy

The “EX” Tariff system is a mechanism to reduce costs in the purchase of capital goods (BK) and information technology & telecommunications goods (BIT). It is the temporary reduction of import tax of such goods (marked as BK and BIT at the Mercosur Common External Tariff) when there is no domestic production. The importance of this regime can be proved by three main points:

  • Increase in technological innovation by companies from different segments of the economy – as recommended in the guidelines of the Industrial, Technology and Foreign Trade Policy
  • Guarantee of a protection level for domestic industry of capital goods, since it is granted only to goods that have no domestic production
  • Generation of a multiplier effect on employment and income for different segments of the national economy

DESMAR’s large experience translates into greater sensibility and accuracy to assist you on obtaining or adapting your products to the “Ex” Tariff system. Our engineering team, along with your company technicians, develops studies that identify the use of the benefit.

Thus, in the process of obtaining the “EX’s”, DESMAR also provides complete advisory to your company, from consultation of responsible class entities for obtaining the Certificate of Absence of Domestic Production and/or to the formulation of new applications for presentation to competent control agency.

Advantages in the import of used machines and equipments

Imagine a project of your company that demands equipments only in the foreign market. This could be a problem! Now imagine that this equipment can be found in the foreign market, used, but in good conditions and with more attractive prices. This can become an excellent solution to your company. However, there are certain rules to make this kind of operation. Rules which require expertise to be put into practice, considering that the import of used machines and equipments is subject to licensing prior to shipment of the goods abroad, as procedures established by the Ministry of Industry, Foreign Trade and Services. In this sense, DESMAR helps your company in the import of such goods, preparing spreadsheets of costs to justify the benefit of the operation. Through our engineering sector, the used material will be evaluated to obtain the approval of the Import License by the DECEX.

Access to information about your cargo
Desmar Online


    DESMAR’s systems monitor logistic operations and makes sure that the client will have no worries. Our team of experts is supported by data processing in all operations involving Import licenses and Export registrations, integrated on SISCOMEX and also cargo tracking, monitoring and controlling the arrival of goods for loading and discharge. At any moment the customer is aware about the cargo status and its arrival at its destination.


    To guarantee total convenience to customers DESMAR has a unique system that allows monitoring, via internet, the progress of all Import and Export processes. Your company can access DESMAR On-line 24 hours a day, from any place in the world, through a computer connected to internet. To ensure the confidentiality of the operational and financial processes data, the system is available in a restricted and secure area, with login and password of customer’s preference.


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